Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Marshal's Office staff include experienced inspectors and investigators and directed by the Assistant Fire Chief. The Fire Marshal's Office mission is protecting residents, visitors and infrastructure within our community through prevention, education, and enforcement of fire safety laws and regulations.

The Fire Marshal's Office handles a broad range of activities including:
     • Commercial plan reviews on remodels and new construction projects
     • Fire safety inspections at businesses, schools, and apartments
     • Fire safety education and prevention programs
     • Investigation of fires and explosions
     • Testing and installing residential smoke alarms

Commercial Plan Review

Commercial plan reviews are performed on all construction projects to ensure compliance with current fire codes. By locating potential issues during the planning stage, problems can be corrected before construction begins.

Additionally, the Fire Marshal's Office conducts routine inspections throughout the construction project to verify the project is on track and up to code.

Commercial Plan Review

Fire Safety Inspections

The Portland Fire Department conducts hundreds of fire safety inspections annually for businesses and occupancies throughout the city. Noted hazards are brought to the attention of the business owner or manager on duty, and a plan of action is discussed to correct the violations promptly.

Over a thousand code violations are discovered and corrected each year. Fire safety inspections are essential to keeping employees and visitors safe.

Fire Safety Inspection

Fire/Arson Investigation

After a fire, specially trained investigators are called to the scene to determine the origin and cause of the fire. Arson Investigators are also certified Police Officers and conduct investigations into criminal and non-criminal fire causes. The arson investigators are employed by the Portland Fire Department and commissioned with the Portland Police Department.

Fire Investigation Fire Marshal

Fire Safety Education

The Fire Marshal’s Office coordinates fire prevention classes. These classes are designed for young children, senior citizens, employees in hazardous occupations, or any group eager to learn about fire safety.

Examples of classes offered include:
     • Workplace Fire Safety
     • Emergency Preparedness
     • Fire Prevention in the Schools

Portland Firefighters also participate in these classes by providing engine and station tours. Our firefighters also attend parades, special events, and community programs throughout the year. All Portland Fire Department staff are involved in fire safety education efforts. 

Fire Safety Education Fire Marshal