COVID-19 Updates

The safety of our staff, players, and visitors is our top priority! The City of Portland & Play Portland Texas follow all Federal, State and Local mandates. In addition to the mandates, the City of Portland & Play Portland Texas has implemented additional health safety protocols for all Play Portland Texas facilities. 

Please review all rules & COVID-19 health safety protocols with your coaches, team members, and spectators before visiting any of the facilities: 

  • Social distancing is required- All visitors must maintain at least 6ft from others not of the same household at all times 
    • Please see the Map of Fields for the seating arrangements (extended dugouts & spectator areas)
    • Visitors must bring their own chairs since the stands are used as an extended dugout for the players
    • Tent usage should be restricted to family members only - Refrain from inviting others not of the same household into your tent 
    • Please review the processes for warming up, when spectators may enter the facility, & process for exiting the facility: Return to Play Portland (pages 4-5)  
  • Face coverings are recommended to enter the facilities & when social distancing from others not of the same household is not achievable 
    • Players may remove their face coverings while they are playing on the field, but must place their face covering back on when they exit the field 
  • No loitering in the facilities - Once the game has concluded, all spectators, team members, and coaches must place their face covering back on and exit the facility

For a more in-depth review of all facility rules & Frequently Asked Questions for health safety protocols, click hereReturn to Play Portland Texas, updated July 2


Please review the maps for the various facilities for seating arrangements, entry and exit points before visiting, as well:
Maps of Fields - Entrances, Exits, & Seating areas

Also, please observe all signs at the facilities.
We all must do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19!

For more information on the reopening of all City of Portland facilities, health safety standards, and rules, please visit

For up-to-date COVID-19 information and case counts, please visit