Resource Links

Online Resources

Free Webinars and Videos
  • Legacy Family Tree Webinars- This site offers some free webinars and videos of various genealogical topics. Not everything on this site is free, so look for resources that say "Free" or "Register (Free)."
  • Ancestry on YouTube- If you have an Ancestry account, take a look at their YouTube series. They have great video guides on the ins and outs of the website.
  • BYU Family History Library on YouTube- Find out all about (which is free to all!) with these tips and tricks. 
  • ExtremeGenes- Browse through over 300 podcasts on all things genealogy and history.
  • Genealogy Guys Podcast- These guys cover news, tips, and solutions for the Genealogist Community.
  • Genealogy Gems Podcast- Listen to these podcasts to get the most out of your Genealogy research!
  • The Genealogy Happy Hour- These podcasts cover all the how-to's of documenting family history.
  • The Family Tree Podcast- Family Tree Magazine creates these podcasts and they love bringing in experts to help you search for your ancestors.