Visible House Numbers 

House numbersMost people never think about their house number, but they should. 

If the numbers on your home are not easy to find or read, it will take longer for crews to reach you. Victims of heart attack, stroke, or choking need immediate care. Minutes can mean the difference between life and death—so take a minute to see that your address is clearly visible.

The following are tips from the Portland Fire Department:

- Use a different color than the house so the numbers stand out.

- Use block style numbers in bold type. Do not spell the numbers out.

- Use a minimum of 3-inch numbers on residential buildings and 4-inch numbers on commercial buildings.

- Do not place in areas that will be blocked by trees, bushes, or vehicles.

- Light the area where numbers will be placed.

- Place numbers at a high level—like on the eave. If placed by the door, mount the numbers approximately five feet high and facing the street.

- If your home or business is more than 100 feet from the street, place the numbers by your driveway.