Household Hazardous Waste

Republic Services does not collect household hazardous waste as part of their garbage and recycling collection service. Portland residents may dispose of household hazardous waste (pesticides, paints, chemicals, etc.) at the J.C. Elliott Collection Center, located at 6594 Greenwood Drive. PLEASE NOTE: The J.C. Elliott Collection Center does charge to drop-off household hazardous waste at their facility. Please see the table below. 

Items NOT Accepted at J.C. Elliott Collection Center 

Collection of hazardous waste is strictly regulated so be certain your items are all acceptable for collection at the center. Some of the items NOT accepted include: 

  • ammunition
  • asbestos
  • building materials
  • butane cylinders or propane cylinders
  • electronics
  • explosives
  • medical waste or pharmaceuticals
  • radioactive material
  • other waste that is prohibited by TCEQ  
  • More information can be found here: (link) or call the Collection Center at 361-857-1631.

J.C. Elliott Drop-Off Fees

Administrative Fee + Disposal Fee $10.00 per load + $0.84 per pound 
** Large Fire Extinguisher$50.00 each
** Small Fire Extinguisher$25.00 each
** Propane or Petro 5-Gallon Tanks$50.00 each
** Refrigerant Gas Tanks$80.00 each
Mandated State and Federal Fees will be determined at the time of service. Total Cost = Administrative Fee + Disposal Fee + State or Federal Fees (+ any additional fees for the specialty items listed with **)