Important Notices

The State of Texas Windstorm Inspections Program was revised January 1, 2017. View updated Windstorm Information for Residents and Contractors.

City Council adopted Ordinance 2130 at its February 16, 2016 meeting adopting the 2015 ICC building codes and 2014 NEC. The codes will go into effect on June 1, 2016. Any projects that have applications on file prior to June 1 may use either the 2006 or 2015 codes (as long as the applications are moving through the review process). Any local amendments are scheduled to be determined before June 1, 2016.

City Council adopted ordinance 2087 at its May 6, 2014 meeting modifying the Unified Development Ordinance affecting permitted use table, fences, parking lot design, exterior lighting, and definitions. View the ordinance.

Ordinance 2082 was approved by City Council at its January 21, 2014 meeting modifying permissible construction times. View the approved ordinance.

City Council adopted a fee schedule in January 2020 affecting fees for signs, re-inspections and work started prior to permit issuance. View the fees.

City council adopted an ordinance at its November 5, 2013 meeting affecting subdivisions, platting, use, turning lanes, surface improvements, fire hydrant access and fees for fire code plan review and inspections. View the ordinance.