Mission & Vision


As a team of well trained and dedicated professionals, it is our mission to provide the highest standard of service to all those who may seek our help. We are a service provider and we stand ready to provide fire suppression, fire prevention/education, rescue services and emergency medical care. We will faithfully provide these vital services, promptly and safely, to any person who resides in, works in, or visits the city of Portland.


The Portland Fire Department recognizes we face unique challenges in keeping pace with the changing world in which we live and work. We will not forget the traditions of those that came before us. However, we must adapt, be flexible, and be progressive in order to be successful. "We are a family of individuals committed to serving others. We will always provide for the welfare of our personnel through a healthy and rewarding work environment. We are dedicated to respect, integrity, compassion, and leadership amongst ourselves so that we may proudly serve others."