9-1-1 & Code red

Enhanced 911

Our 9-1-1 system includes both automatic number identification and automatic location identification. These enhancements display to the caller's telephone number and their location. These features allow a 9-1-1 dispatcher to call you back or send help if a call is disconnected or if the caller is unable to communicate.

Wireless calls received through our 9-1-1 system will display either the phone number and/or the phone number accompanied by the GPS location of the calling party (depending on the caller's phone carrier).

Note: When calling 9-1-1, always stay on the line and follow the communications officer's instructions.

Emergency Notification System

CodeRED (link) - Residents my sign up for their land line or cell phones to receive emergency notifications from the City of Portland (i.e. emergency police or fire awareness.) This system is voice activated, so simply saying "hello" or reaching a voicemail will start the CodeRED message alert.