Insurance Inspections

Specially trained Portland police officers can perform a Texas State Insurance Inspection on your home. Citizens can receive up to a 20% discount on their homeowner's insurance premium by meeting the state's minimum standards.

Requirements for 5% Reduction

The following are the requirements for a 5% reduction in your homeowner's insurance premium. Please note that each requirement must be met in order to qualify.

  • Double doors meet the specifications for exterior doors as listed below, have the inactive door secured by header and threshold bolts that penetrate metal strike plates, and in case of glass located within 40 inches of header and threshold bolts, have the bolts flush-mounted in the edge of the door
  • Dutch doors have concealed flush-bolt locking devices to interlock upper and lower halves and are secured by a dead-bolt lock as described above
  • Exterior doors are of solid core construction, are at least 1.375 inches thick, and are secured by dead-bolt locks. Dead-bolt locks must lock with a minimum bolt throw of one inch, which penetrates a metal strike plate mounted in the doorframe
  • Garage doors are equipped with key-operated locking devices
  • Sliding glass doors are secured by secondary locking devices to prevent lifting and prying
  • Windows are secured by auxiliary locking devices (an auxiliary locking device required by this section may include screws, wooden dowels, pinning devices, or key operated locks)
    • Burglar bars mounted with quick release options installed (per Plano Building Code) may substitute for auxiliary locking devices
    • Jalousie or louvered windows do not meet the specifications of this section unless they have metal grating mounted as provided for above

Requirements for 15% Reduction

The following requirements must be met in order to receive a 15% discount on your homeowner's insurance premium and relate to a residential burglar alarm system.

  • All exterior structure openings are contacted (contacted means each opening should have a physical appliance actually touching it) / exterior structure openings include all windows (upstairs and downstairs) and all exterior doors, including the door between the house and the garage.
  • The alarm system includes a siren that can be heard from inside and outside the home with the doors and windows closed.

Note: The resident may qualify for up to a 20% reduction if the requirements for both the 5% and 15% premium reductions are met concurrently. The Portland Police Department accepts no responsibility for your discounts. This matter is between you and your insurance company.