Friends of the Library

Supporting Your Local Library

Friends of the Library are people just like you. They recognize the value that a strong public library provides a community and they support its programs and services. As a friend, you are in the unique position to make a difference. By sharing your time and talents, you help the Bell / Whittington Public Library do more and offer more. Please see our Friends Brochure (link) for more information.


Responsibilities & Services

Friends are both advocates and fund raisers. As advocates, friends spread the word about the library to the community. They support the library's point of view on issues such as funding, library policies and programs and help interpret these views to others.

In the role of fundraiser, friends look for ways to secure additional money to support the work of the library, enhancing library programs and services. Past fund raising activities have included book sales, bake sales and raffles. But being a Friend is more. It's also about connecting. A friends group offers you a way to meet new people and learn about your community and have fun.

The purpose of the Friends of the Library group is to promote the interest and welfare of the Portland Public Library as a cultural and educational asset for all of the citizens of Portland, Texas. As a nonprofit corporation we can receive and administer funds for library purposes. We carry out our mission by soliciting and raising funds for books, programs, services and equipment for the library.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in becoming a Friends of the Library member, please complete this Friends of the Library Application Form (PDF).

Additional Support Options

Another way to support Friends of the Library and honor or memorialize a dear friend or family member is by purchasing a memorial paving brick at the library. For details on purchasing a brick, please view our Personalized Brick Pamphlet (PDF).