Firefighter Physical Ability Assessment

Test Attire
Candidates should wear appropriate workout attire: Shorts and t-shirt are acceptable. Tennis shoes or rubber-soled sports shoes (no cleats) are required. Any candidate dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to participate in the testing.

Test Location
The Physical Ability Assessment will be conducted at the Portland Fire Department Fire Station 2 or other areas approved of by the Fire Chief.

Physical Ability Assessment

The Physical Ability Assessment test is designed to assess the physical fitness of candidates and to simulate the tasks firefighters are required to perform during emergency situations and immediately after the emergency has been contained. Candidates will be required to wear a turnout coat, helmet, self-contained breathing apparatus (without face piece) and gloves during the entire physical test. The aerial climb will not be a timed event, but will require the candidate to do a continuous ascend or descend with less than a 10 second stop in any portion. The timed portion will start when the candidate touches the hose at the second event station. At no time will a candidate be allowed to run during an event or in-between the event stations.

If a candidate is unable to continue the event, the time will continue to run until it reaches the disqualifying time. The only time the fire department staff will stop the event prior to the disqualifying time will be due to a medical problem or injury.

Phase details and requirements (link)

Written Testing

The written test is a professionally pre-qualified test that Portland Fire Department purchases.